Studio manager: Romuald BALKOWSKI, M.Sc.
tel. 71 339 98 98 ext. 378
e-mail: rbalkowski@cuprumprojekt.pl

Offered services:

  • designs of medium and low voltage power facilities (stations, switchboards, overhead and cable lines),
  • designs of power systems, external and internal lighting for municipal, residential and industrial buildings,
  • designs for power supply and control of underground and surface industrial facilities related to mining and ore processing plants,
  • designs of road and stadium lighting,
  • designs for modernisation and repair of power systems and equipment,
  • calculation and analysis of short-circuit power supply parameters and configuration of protection devices,
  • analysis of power management in terms of reduced power consumption,
  • authorised supervision of the designed structures.

We prepare design documentation using Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Electrical and SEE Electrical Expert. Short-circuit calculations for power supply systems are carried out using the following software: NETWORK (medium voltage) and INSTAL (low voltage). To support the design of switchgear we use software of switchgear manufacturers (ABB, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER). To design external and internal lighting we use calculation software of the manufacturers of relevant lighting fixtures.