Team managers:

tel. 71 339 98 98 ext. 264

Grażyna KASENDRA, M.Sc.
tel. 71 339 98 98 ext. 265

Offered services:

  • expert reports,
  • conceptual designs,
  • surveying of existing systems and networks,
  • construction designs,
  • detailed designs,
  • designs of sanitary systems (ventilation, air conditioning, central heating, fuel and process gas, compressed air, hot and cold water system, sanitary sewage and stormwater systems),
  • designs of system facilities with specialist technology (e.g. boiler rooms, heat distribution centres, ventilation rooms, pumping stations, compressor rooms),
  • designs of industrial underground and surface systems, including internal heat distribution networks, industrial sewage systems, refrigerant systems, drainage and sanitary sewage systems, industrial water, drinking water and fire water supply systems, and a network of energy agents (steam and condensate, process and flammable gases, compressed air),
  • designs of heating infrastructure facilities, heat recovery and recuperation systems, cooling circuits in power plants and CHP plants, dedusting, drying and humidification systems,
  • analysis of the agent management in terms of reduced energy consumption and environmental protection – pollution separation and noise reduction,
  • designs of demolition of existing systems and networks,
  • authorised supervision of the designed structures.

We prepare design documentation using Autodesk AutoCAD, CADvent-Lindab, GryfitCAD, OZC, Instal-san, Instal-therm, Instal Soft, Net-San, Certo and many other industry software programs.