Studio manager: Małgorzata KRAUZE, M.Sc.
tel. 71 339 98 98 ext. 250

Offered services:

  • studies, pre-design work, deposit management designs and technical mining designs in the field of construction of new, and modernization and expansion of existing mines,
  • technical designs of lining of shafts, pit bottoms, reservoirs and excavation for skip hoist loading, stores for explosive materials, opening-out headings, water dams, and ore loading points,
  • designs for sinking of shafts with a diameter up to 9 metres and depth up to 1,500 metres, under various geological and hydrogeological conditions, also using special methods, including ground freezing up to a depth of 700 metres and using tubing with a strength of 12 MPa,
  • preparation of guidelines and technical, detailed and process designs for horizontal and vertical transport in mines, industrial plants and hydraulic structures,
  • preparation of technical documentation for technology and construction of machinery and equipment for sinking shafts and driving drifts in mines, subway tunnels, etc.,
  • preparation of technical documentation of machinery and equipment for the above-mentioned technology,
  • design of mining transport systems with the use of self-propelled machines, conveyor belts and rail vehicles for underground mines with output up to 50,000 tonnes a day,
  • design of technical facilities for technological structures,
  • design of technical equipment for hydropower plant,
  • design of hydraulic damming structures in the mechanical aspect,
  • preparation of registration documents for lifting equipment,
  • authorised supervision of the designed structures.

We prepare design documentation using AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical, and Inventor.