The company provides comprehensive design services for investment projects at all stages of implementation, from case studies, expert reports, cost statements, technical and economic analyses, programme and spatial concepts, through process, construction and detailed designs, to supervision of construction in the following industries:

  • industrial and specialist technologies,
  • construction of machinery and equipment,
  • spatial planning,
  • architecture,
  • civil engineering and specialised structures,
  • sanitary systems and networks,
  • electric power systems and networks,
  • telecommunications systems and networks,
  • automation systems,
  • energy sector,
  • heating,
  • hydraulic engineering,
  • ventilation and air-conditioning of mines,
  • mining,

mining, industrial, general and specialist construction.

The detailed scope of activity of our office can be found below, the scope of the design work is on the DESIGNS page, and a detailed range of services provided by respective design studios is shown on the DESIGN STUDIOS page.

We also provide support in handling the formal and legal matters related to the implementation of investment projects, including obtaining a building permit.

Mining construction:

  • deposit management designs,
  • designs for construction of new, and modernization and expansion of existing mines,
  • technical designs of mine lining, shafts, pit bottoms, reservoirs and excavation for skip hoist loading, stores for explosive materials, opening-out headings, water dams, and ore loading points,
  • designs for sinking of shafts with a depth up to 1,500 metres, under various geological and hydrogeological conditions, also using special methods, including ground freezing,
  • designs of central air-conditioning of mines and main ventilation stations,
  • mine drainage designs,
  • technical designs of horizontal and vertical transport in mines and related technological facilities,
  • designs of vertical transport machinery and equipment in vertical and inclined shafts,
  • designs of machinery and equipment for sinking shafts and driving drifts in mines,
  • designs of tyre, belt conveyor and rail mining transport systems,
  • designs of materials management systems and facilities for mines,
  • designs of administrative and social facilities, including mining baths.

Industrial construction:

  • multi-discipline designs of production halls and warehouses,
  • process and construction designs for mechanical processing of mineral resources, including ore enrichment plants,
  • process and construction designs of specialised industrial systems,
  • designs of technical facilities for industry, including the mining industry,
  • individual construction designs of non-standard machinery and equipment,
  • technical designs of systems for continuous and cyclic transport,
  •  designs of industrial facilities and systems for heating, cooling and ventilation,
  •  designs of medium and low voltage power facilities,
  • land development designs, including the coordination of utilities systems, topography and vegetation, roads and yards, engineering facilities and structures, as well as small-architecture structures and elements.

General construction:

  • designs of residential, public utility and recreational structures,
  • designs of social, administrative and technical facilities of mining and industrial plants,
  • architectural and interior design,
  • lightweight designs,
  • design of modernization and repair of facilities,
  • land development designs, land equipment and utilities, topography and vegetation, roads and yards, engineering facilities and structures, as well as small-architecture structures and elements.

Specialist construction:

  • designs of water and wastewater management facilities, such as: water intakes, pumping stations, water treatment plants and stations, sewage treatment plants, water supply and sewage facilities and systems, hydrotransport systems and reservoirs.
  • designs of drainage systems,
  • designs of technological equipment and construction of hydraulic engineering dams for hydropower plants,
  • designs of systems protecting against seismic and paraseismic impacts,
  • designs of systems for dedusting and desulphurisation of industrial gases,
  • designs of car defrosting systems.